3D models

3D model

drawings and material lists can be derived; pavilion, designed by Studio Vermijs and Arie van Ziel, model and drawings by ff-arch.eu

3D model

you design it;
I BIM it

Building information modelling makes use of the latest 3D modelling techniques. A precise digital representation of your architectural design is created. All drawings and material lists can be derived from that unified data model.
In addition, the model can be exchanged with other engineers and consultants.

Paper Prototypes

you design it;
I build it from paper

physical on scale models are helpful tools in the design process. Computer based 3D models can be converted into 2D paper cutouts that can be easily assembled. Save time and money in comparison to 3D printing.


a look to the future

experience your design in photo realistic pictures


you design it,
I visualize it

In any stage of the design process, it can be helpful to get a glimpse on how the space corresponds to the chosen materials and the planned lighting. Utilizing the visualization capabilities of  Renderworks, you and your client will see how the design will look like, just as you would have taken a photograph.