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Based on the situation and your needs and requirements I am designing and planning your project. The scale of the project may vary from urban ecosystem to construction detail.


Throughout the whole design process I work with a building information model. It contains geometry as well as data. This allows for testing code compliance and performance.


The 3D Model is used to derive the drawings and perspective views of the project. Walkthroughs, 360° panos or photorealistic representations give insight into the project.


I enjoy researching complex situations. In addition to the spatial context I am investigating the material- and energy flows and evaluate their impact on the environment.


my name is Frank Feder. I am working as architect on a wide range of projects.
After having graduated from Bauhaus University Weimar, I moved to Rotterdam and founded ff_arch.
I am interested in how things work, the material they are made off and the influences and processes that shape them.
This curiosity guides my research and design. I am aiming for purposeful solutions that fulfill the needs and wishes of my clients.

Selected Projects

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architecture is not about form
it's about how we want to live

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